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dusk returning

posted on 07.01.22

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I'd like to address dusk and the extremely limited amount of extras that will be available around september.

at the time that I had designed dusk, we were told that the costs for producing such a set would be extremely difficult, and expensive. I loved the set so much, that as a compromise, we decided to produce dusk only one time- and thus dusk became limited edition.

over the months, osume has grown exponentially, and dusk has been unveiled to many newcomers, and for a lot of people, they realized they would likely never be able to get dusk. as well, during this time, osume's processes has been further optimized, allowing us to design sets that we never thought possible before.

with those factors in mind, and with dusk near and dear to my heart, I'm really relieved, and excited to announce that we'll be adding dusk to our family of returning sets- meaning dusk will no longer be limited edition.

of course for many, this will come as a relief, however for some, I totally understand feeling betrayed, or feeling as if we did not keep our promise. if your sole reason for purchasing dusk was for it's limited availability, and you no longer wish to have dusk after learning about this news, we understand. please send an e-mail to and our customer service will work out a viable solution for you.

dusk extras will still be limited to under 100 sets in september, however, there will be intentions of bringing it back at a later time if you do not manage to get a set. we apologize to those who were part of the dusk preorder, and we will absolutely be more decisive when we announce limited edition sets to avoid such a situation again for the future. thank you everyone for your time!

- joys

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