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major release during the last week of september!

posted on 09.18.22


here's what we will have available during our upcoming sale, set to take place during the last week of september! our team is still undergoing fulfillment for matcha/dusk, which is expected to complete by the end of this upcoming week. once this is complete, we will release a more accurate date for the sale, along with more details for all products listed.

collections & merch

*extras refers to left over products from previous preorders/sales and are limited in quantities

  • tsukimi
    • new base kit in standard/hiragana
    • new novelty kit in standard/special edition
    • deskmats (extras)
    • metal artisans (extras)
    • cables
    • stickers
    • enamel pins

  • matcha
    • base kit in standard/hiragana
    • novelty kit in cafe/fields (cafe will be discontinued in future runs)
    • deskmats
    • metal artisans
    • cables

  • dusk
    • base kit in standard (extras)
    • novelty kit in twilight (extras)
    • deskmats (extras)
    • metal artisans (extras)
    • cables (extras)
  • sakura
    • base kit in standard/hiragana (extras)
    • base kit in standard/hiragana B-STOCK (extras)
    • novelty kit in hanami (extras)
    • deskmats in night shiba/day shiba/eclipse/all pink (extras)
    • metal artisans (extras)
    • cables (extras)

  • little ghost
    • base kit in standard (extras)
    • novelty kit in standard (extras)

  • mochi
    • base kit in standard
    • accents in vanilla/strawberry/taro/chocolate/mango (extras)

  • merch
    • midweight hoodies in black/coffee/white/peach
    • new midweight hoodies in rose/green/ivory
    • new crewnecks in rose/green/ivory
    • new soft dad caps in white/black