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overselling issues with shopify during the recent sale

posted on 10.06.22


hi everyone, we want to start off by saying that we're both humbled and extremely appreciative of the support we have received for the recent launch. our team is currently getting our orders organized for fulfillment and we've unfortunately discovered some major issues on the shopify end. upon some investigation, we noticed shopify over-selling our inventory once again- which we believed we implemented measures to control from the last time we had this issue. however, the overloading of the site on september 30 was the highest traffic we've ever received, and caused some major syncing issues that resulted in our inventory overselling in larger amounts than ever before.

we've worked with shopify to confirm that this high level of traffic, combined with the way our products are structured, is simply now impossible for us to maintain without syncing errors. therefore, we are now looking into solutions to change our website structure, the way our products are listed, and how they will interact with shopify moving forward.

orders that are affected may include:

  • tsukimi r2 standard (you will have the option to keep your order and wait for our second shipment of tsukimi scheduled in about a month's time via an e-mail sent next week) (those who were part of r1 reservations will not be affected by this)
  • sakura r2
  • little ghost
  • mochi accents
  • matcha cables
  • matcha cafe novelties

we'll keep everyone updated about their orders as soon as possible. please do not send an e-mail inquiring about whether or not your order is in the clear at this time. our team is still working out the numbers and cancellations will be sent out later this week as we handle fulfillment. orders will be cancelled based on the latest orders first, and those who have their orders cancelled will be receiving full refunds.

because of this recent cancellation issue, we have decided to expedite matcha, dusk and tsukimi sets to our warehouse as soon as possible, and hope for the restocks of all these sets to arrive to us before the end of this year so that everyone will be able to get a set soon. please note that the timeline we hope to achieve is simply an estimate and still can be impacted by delays. you can check out our timeline via our restock calendar here.

we are sorry that this issue had to happen again, we are extremely frustrated at this situation and are actively working with shopify/our devs to implement measures to rectify the issue. thank you everyone for your patience, understanding and continued support.