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regarding future products - from the designer

posted on 10.18.22


hi, I'm the designer of osume! after careful consideration, we are deciding to remove the option to have both novelty styles for all future releases of our sets. for osume, the brand has always been about sophistication, minimalism and a less is more approach.

when we first introduced both novelty styles for a single set, it came from a sense of indecisiveness on my part, having loved both styles equally. with two completely different styles combined into one, I felt that it lost that sense of sophistication and minimalism I had hoped to achieve. for that reason, I strongly felt that it was necessary that I take a step back and remember what osume's aesthetic was really striving for.

this is a really important topic for me to address, and I know not everyone will be happy with this change. while having both novelties means a product that caters to more people, and a product that attracts more sales, in the end, my number one priority is to have a product out there that is cohesive and loyal to who/what osume is.

what does this mean for our upcoming releases that had plans for both novelty styles?

  • the second half of the tsukimi r2 shipment coming in november will be the last tsukimi release featuring standard novelties
  • tsukimi releases after the november release will only be released with special edition novelties
  • matcha fields special edition will be discontinued
  • matcha standard novelties will be introduced as the sole novelty style for matcha r2 in december
  • dusk special edition novelties will be introduced as the sole novelty style for dusk r2 in december
  • sakura special edition novelties will be introduced as the sole novelty style for sakura r3 in december

which are special edition novelties and which are standard edition novelties?

special edition novelties

standard edition novelties

we believe that being uniquely osume means that sometimes we have to be decisive in our beliefs. we hope that this will bring more cohesion to our aesthetic and we look forward to seeing how you style our future sets!