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shipment withheld for inspection

posted on 03.21.22


hi everyone. we have just received news that our shipment has landed in Canada but our container was unfortunately flagged for inspection. we are unable to receive an estimated date of release from CBSA due to the backlog at the port. this is extremely frustrating and disheartening for us as we hoped to have our sakura and tsukimi sets in everyone's hand by march latest.

we want to first start off by saying we're sorry for the delay. production finished in January, however the slow down during lunar new year, along with the pandemic, affected our shipment more than we ever expected. it is never our intention to keep our customers waiting as we understand the anxiety and frustration that is caused from not knowing exactly when your products are expected to arrive.

moving forward, osume will be moving away from preorders for our keycap sets. dalgona and YOTT will be our last preorder and will only be scheduled after sakura and tsukimi's arrival. additionally, we have over 5 new designs in the works which will be available in-stock later this year. our commitment to our customers' experience at osume will always be our top priority and we believe that ending preorders as soon as possible is the best way to alleviate these issues.

as always, you can keep track of the preorder's status via or contact customer service at if you have any further questions.

we want to thank everyone for being understanding and patient with us thus far, and we sincerely apologize for the delay.